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Upcoming Event - KDU Texas - 10yr Anniversary

from November 4-5, 2017

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KDU Texas - 10 Year Anniversary


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The Krio Descendants Union (KDU) Houston chapter, in fulfillment of part of its mission to help fund educational projects in Sierra Leone, awarded 12 scholarships to pupils in junior secondary schools in Regent, Waterloo and York villages for the 2017 school year.

Each of the scholarship package contained two sets of uniforms, two pairs of socks, all required books, yearly tuition, a backpack (with various school supplies), other school-related charges and two pairs of shoes.

KDU Houston was able to achieve this goal through fundraising activities and donations from its members and the Houston Community.

It is hoped that the awards will help students achieve their academic goals and help ease the financial burden on parents

The parents of each recipient were very grateful for the help given by KDU Houston. They believe that their children will become more focused in their studies, which will enable them to improve their various communities in the future.

The organization also shipped 117 backpacks filled with various school supplies that were donated by Mr. Eku Strasser-King and a few KDU Houston members. The backpacks were allocated to the 12 award recipients and pupils of schools in other villages.

KDU Houston would like to thank Dr. Roland Buck, who headed the selection process in Freetown, and his team of four other members for their integrity and transparency in implementing the program in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

KDU News - January 2017

KDU Houston supports

The Dream House

in Freetown, Sierra Leone

In December 2015, Develop Africa received a generous check and 22 school bags (with a wide range of school supplies) from the Krio Descendants Union (KDU), Houston Chapter.  This donation was for the Dream Home, an orphanage for Ebola orphans in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Welcome Message

Greetings from members of the Krio Descendants Union of Houston, Texas. We welcome your patronage and good wishes.

Based on our formation and registration in March 2013, our purpose and mission is, "To reconnect with, and enhance the cultural heritage of the Krios of Sierra Leone through reflection, education, advocacy and positive deeds for sustainable development".

Our members appreciate the support received from all our patrons and well-wishers and look forward to a sustained partnership during our future program deliveries.

Our 12 scholarship recipients from 4 villages in Freetown - Sierra Leone. Krio Descendant Union, Houston representative (Doris Browne) on the extreme right.