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Cultural Extravaganza CD 
this CD depicts our Engagement skit performed on June 17, 2017

Krio engagement is a solemn family focused ceremony that builds up to the couple eventually getting married. Usually it is done some months before the wedding.

Precedent to the proposal of marriage initiated by the man, to the parents of the woman, he makes a “PUT STOP” request, in writing, where the woman's parents make a promise not to allow any other admirer chasing the woman, and meantime they would carry out a thorough background check on the man, including his family history. This is to ensure his fitness and capability.     

The cost of the CD is $15.00 which includes a $5.00 shipping fee.

Cast - Ebenezer Strasser-King, Moira Coker, JohnHenry Coker, Francetta Strasser-King, Elfrida Sawyer, Eudora Sawyer, Adeola Campbell, Lovette Brown, Sybil Crown and KDU Texas in Dallas

Cultural Night CD




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